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Club Rules from June 16th 2014

Welney Angling Club Waters are controlled by bailiffs who carry the relevant identification.

Books and day tickets can be purchased by Welney Angling Club members

from a bailiff or from the Lamb and Flag Public house, Welney.


Club rules

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1. Only members residing within a 12 mile radius of the village of Welney are entitled to vote at the AGM.

2. A maximum of TWO rods can be fished on club waters at any one time.

3. No camping or night fishing on club waters between one hour after dark and one hour before dawn Friday and Saturday nights.

4. Matches to be fished in accordance with National rules. All pike and zander are to be excluded.

5. Anglers must never leave tackle unattended by the river. The club has the right to confiscate unattended tackle.

6. No fishing from the bridges at any time.

7. Fishing shot and weights must comply with current environmental agency legislation, IE. no lead to be used between 1/2 oz. and No. 8.

8. All anglers  must  be WAC members and possess a club  card or day ticket.

9. No litter, discarded line, shot or bait is to be left on the bank by any member.

10. Bloodworm and joker are not to be used on the club waters at any time.

11. Fishing is BANNED within 30 metres of overhead cables. Fishing near overhead cables can be fatal.

12. No radios etc. are to be used by fishermen during their time spent on the bank.

13. No access to any section of the club water via the Ouse wash bank. Use of this access is strictly prohibited. Fishing is banned from the wash side.

14. No night fishing at any time in the section indicated by the WWT/WAC signs.

15. No fishing on the Delph at any time after November 30th in the section indicated by the WWT/WAC signs.

16. Access to all waters is from Welney bridge only.

17. Any indication of pollution, fish removal, illegal fishing, netting or any other illegal action must be reported to either the Environment Agency [0800 807060] or the committee immediately. Tel: 07831 889 510 or 01354 638 638

18. Any member in breach of the club rules may, at the discretion of the committee have his/her membership withdrawn.

19. The decision of the committee is final.

20. WAC request that all persons walking through the environmentally sensitive section, walk on the Bedford side of the bank and not on the Delph side or along the top of the bank.

21. No parking of vehicles on the Bedford or Delph bridges, footpaths or entrances at any time.

22.  No boats are to be launched or sailed on the River Delph at any time.  This is an Environment Agency requirement and will be legally enforced by the E.A.

23. All W.A.C anglers must be in possession of a E.A. fishing license and fish in accordance with the rules.

24.  No boats are to be launched or sailed on the River Delph at any time.  This is an Environment Agency requirement and will be legally enforced by the E.A.

25.  The WAC club book DOES NOT allow you to use the Welmore Sluice farm road to access club waters. Access is from Welney bridge. There are a limited number of permits available each year and you cannot use this access without a WAC book AND a permit. Anyone who uses this access without a permit will have to leave the water and forfeit their WAC club book without refund.


26. - All Predator anglers must each have a suitable landing net which is capable of safely handling any species caught. In addition they must have suitable equipment to safely handle and unhook all fish caught. A suitable trace material must be used at all times.

27. No fish to be removed from club waters.

Live bait must NEVER be used in Welney Angling Club waters.

Live bait buckets are not allowed on club waters!

Live fish cannot be brought to or taken from club waters, anyone doing so may face prosecution!.

Any angler caught using Livebait will be asked to leave!

28. Pike and zander baits must not be caught and removed for use in other waters.

29. No freshwater fish caught on club waters over 5 inches in length to be used as bait.

30. All pike or zander must be returned immediately to club waters after capture.

31. Anglers aged 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult when Pike and zander fishing at all times.

32. Individual pike/zander anglers should not occupy an area greater than two swims.  Rod butts must not be more than 3 metres apart [E.A. bye law]

33. Club rules can be amended at any time. Please check the web site for the most up to date rules.


Membership Rules

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Membership Rules


Membership must be obtained before fishing


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